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Media is an important part of the modern world .Today the role of the media is very crucial, it is one of the pillars of democracy. Media is basically divided into two categories one is electronic media other is printed media. Example of electronic media are radio, television etc. Example of printed media are magazine, news paper etc. Today people trust on media blindly, people accept and assume true whatever the media say. Media put the people voice in front of society and legislative. Media provide a platform on which anyone can put their thoughts among society. Trial by media may define as a process in which media investigate any legal case by its own way and put their verdict among society before or after the court verdict. Trial by media comes into picture at the end of twenty century or the beginning of twenty first century. Today trial by media increase day by day because, media is aware that people trust on them completely. It is true that media should be independent by government or any political power, but sometime media take their independency in a wrong way.


The verdict of media on any legal case before the court verdict is the contempt of the court, because verdict of media before court verdict is not correct. Media has no right to say anything about court verdict, so media should understand it and do their work properly in society.


Today it is often seen that the trial by media becomes fake. Now media do their work under political power. Media can do anything whatever their political leaders say. Media does it because of their self benefits. They forget about their real duty, this is ridiculous such type of media should be removed from society. Corrupt face of media came in 2012 when two zee news editors' Sudhir Chaudhary and Sameer were arrested by crime branch of Delhi, acting on a complaint by congress M.P Naveen Jindal who had accused the two of trying to extort RS.100 crore worth of advertisements from his company in return for dropping stories linking the Jindal group Coalgate.


In the resent past history media's trials were criticism because there trials were not true but based on media's personal thought ,for example infamous cases like 'Arushi case', Jessica Lal case in both these cases media's trials are false and based on their personal views .


Media's trial is not always wrong but many times their trials appreciated, for example the media trial on 2002 'Gujrat Danga' was really appreciated. The trail of media helped the police to caught the real accused persons like 'Bajrangi' who was the one of the accused person, in this case media trial also consider by the supreme court during its verdict.


From the above discussion it is clear that the media's trail is true if it is done by honest feeling otherwise it is false. No doubt that media is an integral part of a democratic county but now the media is more self centered. They can do anything for their TRP'S, most of the news channels work under the political powers. It is true that the freedom of media is the freedom of people, But media took it in a wrong way for example the interference of media in court work. To make media true or clear it should be regulated by court. The Supreme Court has to pass an order to punish media, if media interfere in jurisdiction of court; it is the only way which helps to restrict the bad effect of media trial.

Akash Kumar

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