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What is important for the voters of India? Do they get carried away by propaganda?

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The right to vote is the most important pre-requisite for a democracy. Therefore, this right must be used diligently and with a deeper introspection. In other words, if the voting right is exercised in a proper way, then, it itself will be a pointer towards the worthwhile functioning of democracy. Thus, it is most important for the voters of India to analyse and scrutinise the works of their political representatives and, then only use his/her voting right while voting in elections. In this regard one’s conscience must act in a rational way as far as using his/her political rights are concerned.

          In this endeavour it is utmost important that in any democracy that, the voters are aware, awake and conscious about their political rights. In this way, the voters must ponder about their democracy’s future and the way ahead in the democratic nation as far as politics and in the use of their political rights are concerned. At the same time, it is up to the voters to make or break the political future of a political representatives. In such a scenario, the voters must keenly observe the activities of their political representatives and accordingly choose or discard them in elections. The whole process of democratic government will be a success, if and only if, the voters of the particular democracy have the power of introspection of the democratic functioning of the party in power.

          In this process, the voters must be able to form a sort of pressure group if there is derailing of democracy in a particular democracy. Democracy, will be in a right track if and only if the political party in power functions in a manner that, the whole democratic government functions in a coherent manner. Yes, the role of opposition party/parties are important in a democracy in the same way as important are the role of the voters. The voters must create by dint of their political will must create a representative democracy which is very analogous and corollary to the functioning of the democracy. Then only democracy will blossom and become successful with the passage of time. This will certainly herald in a new future for a democracy in the times to come.

Do the voters get carried away by propaganda?

          In the scenario as prevalent today, the role of mass media in whatever form or manifestation it, may play a huge role in the democratic process. Democracy and the propaganda campaign in a democracy goes hand in hand. This propaganda campaigns are mostly eye-catching and have every power to hoodwink the very emotions of the voters. Subsequently, propaganda via media can certainly be the fortune makers in the process of voting and in forming the voters very political opinion with the change of time.

          Yes, it is true that, political propaganda has touched most of the voter’s arena of thinking. This certainly has a huge impact on their voting behaviour. This may be attributed to the fact that, what media depicts today becomes a political opinion in the future. Thus, media and the propaganda via it plays a second fiddle in a democracy. Politics today and the propaganda as done by media becomes coherently linked with each other. Media thus has a huge role to play in the whole process of political propaganda. Media has thus become an inseparable part of the whole process of politics.

          What is the way ahead for a democracy in such a scenario? The first prerequisite for the voters is to form public opinion which inculcates from his/her conscience then any other considerations. Secondly, media must not be allowed to hoodwinked the political opinion forming abilities of the voters independently. The voters in any democracy must not be swayed away by emotions while taking political decisions or in forming political opinions. Thirdly and most importantly whatever media propagates about politics and the political functioning of the government the voters must have the ability of political analysis and political introspection and thus scrutinise the same. In this process, an independent and worthwhile functioning of the voters is important and, in this process, they should not be carried away by any form of propaganda. 


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