What is in education and what should it include the future?

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According to Plato, “education is the food for the soul”. Education has all the components to make life liveable as well as happier. Education too can help in adding new facets to every domain of a person’s life. What is life without a soul so is,the human personality without education. In this way, education has all the capacity to add on a new feather into a person’s approach towards life.

                   Moreover, education may be considered as the magic wand which can cure most of the social ills that prevails in this world. In this way, education may prove out to be the medicine of almost all ills facing the society. In this regard, spread of education in the true sense of the term will certainly help mankind in the over hauling and over whelming of the prevailing social order. The social order that will come up will be that of plenty and prosperity in the various facets of the society. Plenty in this regard means a state of being where there is less hunger by yearning for more and rather, there is a sense of containment. A sense of contentment where no one feels aloof and rather the whole world being are bonded together by a sense of unity and amity.

                   I believe, education has not only its role in the present times but also, at the same time herald a new era in the times to come. Thus, education has its own role of ushering in a new era to the world being. In this regard, the following points are worthy of consideration.

  1. Education- a pathfinder of mankind’s destiny

                       Education must show the world being like a torchbearer the destiny of the world being. Destiny in this regard must be marked in promoting a social order where everyone is like a microcosm of a ray of hope in the times to come. In the times to come this ray of hope will turn out to be a burning flame of hope and prosperity. This will make the world being a creator of his own destiny. In this regard, the spinning wheel between the past, present and the future of mankind will be education and only education.


  1. Education – a panacea for all social ills

                             The world today is in the grip of more social disharmony then being of more of social cohesion. The whole process of transition of mankind from the present state of chaos and disharmony to that of social cohesion can be brought about by education. Education can certainly transform in and show mankind the path of live and let live. This will certainly usher in a society where happiness and prosperity will prevail over paucity and scarcity.

  1. Education- the promoter of mutual trust and belief

Education in the long run must bring about a sense of mutual trust and belief and thus protect the world being in the times to come from anarchy, chaos and disbelief. Education, in the times to come has all the potentialities to upgrade mankind from the present chaotic world towards that of peace and amity. Education has the capacity to make life worthy and hospitable. Education has all the potentialities to uplift the world being to a new era where happiness and sanity prevails over all other factors of life.

  1. Education- the harbinger of peace

Education is the medium which can certainly uplift the world being in the near future by being a harbinger of peace. This goal of being the harbinger of peace will be achievable only when there is more mutual trust , amity and a new sense among the world being. The world being and the respective societies of theirs must have the urge to rejuvenate themselves via, the medium of education. Education, thus will be a path illuminator in the world being’s life. A path which will turn out to be brighter and brighter with the times to come. 

  1. Education- a promoter of social cohesion

                                            The respective societies of the various countries of this world must promote a world order where there is peace and prosperity in the world being’s life in contrast to that of anarchy and chaos. A state of being must be promoted in the world, where ideas, views and opinions of the masses takes a cohesive shape in their respective societies rather then taking a diabolic path. Education thus, will be a promoter of social cohesion rather then anarchy and chaos.

                                               All in all, education has a big role to play in bringing about a new world order. A world order where everyone gets his or her share of education and thereby march ahead with the times to come. Education has not only a pivotal role to play in the present times but also, has its own role to play as a change agent in the times to come. Education can certainly bring about a new path for the world being in making life worthy of living and sustenance. Education can certainly bring about a new social order of development. At the same time, it is for the world being to receive and share the various nitty grittiest of education with the world being. Come, let us create a new world order in which there is least curse of illiteracy and rather there is spread of literacy with the times to come.


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