What is it to be human? What defines humanity?

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Being humane is the best treat to possess as a human. Being, a human being we to be human must possess all the divine features which takes the worldly human beings to something divine. Therefore, possessing such qualities in one’s life as a human being which uplifts a person’s stature to such a level where his immediate society in general considers him/her as someone to imitate. In this regard divine qualities like compassion and a sense of fellow feeling to one and all as well as qualities like humility, kindness and thereby always following the path of truth and on the contrary not taking the path of fallacy and hypocrisy may also be considered as one among the many qualities of life which uplifts the personality of a person from human to humane.

In the present-day globalised world human beings of this globe are becoming more and more materialistic. In such a scenario following the path of worldly characteristics which uplifts him to divine creatures is becoming like searching water in a desert. In this regard, it may be said that, human beings desires have elongated at the present times but not his/her means of achieving them as is the case with most of the human beings. Thus, in terms of need versus greed conundrum the world has shrink a lot. We have as human beings have a long list of desires in life at the same time the required hard work to achieve them is lacking in most of the human beings. Thus, there has been a diabolic relationship between desires and the achievability of these desires in life. Resultantly, happiness for most of we human beings have become like a mirage of the desert. The more we search for it in the desert of human life, the more the turmoil that we face in this process.

The whole process of being human being is encapsulated in a yolk named life. Thus, what we are, how we are and where we are, the radar in this regard of the voyage of a human being’s life is controlled by the whole concept called ‘life’. There is something called existence for we human beings in this world till this radar of life works in harmonisation with the body, mind and soul of we human beings. Till when we human beings exist is expressed in common parlance as longevity. Yes, life for we human beings is divine and its beginning and end is in the hands of the almighty. In this regard procreation process of we human being’s is just a means to the whole process of the beginning of the human life. So, vanity, arrogance, and deadly qualities like, greed, utmost hunger for worldly pleasures for we, most of the human beings must not take precedence over the divine qualities of life. Therefore, wen positivity and positive qualities of life takes precedence over the negativity and negative qualities of life, then only, such a human being can be said truly human by being humane in this world of ours.

What defines humanity?

The definition of humanity has never been exhaustive. Many a man, many the mind so are as many the definitions of humanity. So, to define humanity from my behalf, I consider the whole process to be like looking humanity through a multi-coloured prism. The whole exercise in this process is a myopic view as a whole towards the whole process of defining humanity. Still, from a layman’s perspective, I would like to define humanity as a culmination of a worldly race with the unifying trait of rationality.

What separates humanity from a beach or a reptile is his rational trait as possessed by him. Rationality in we human beings helps him to distinguish the various shades that comes to his life. These shades include joyousness versus sorrow, panic versus courage, happiness versus sadness to name a few in this regard. Humanity since time immemorial has been a victim of all these shades of life. Human life is not like a uniform and straight line. Time, as a force of life puts at its own desire its marks in it. Therefore, it is rightly said that, humanity is the slave of time. As time hurts humanity, it heals too.

Therefore, what defines humanity is the fact that, how humanity overcomes the negative shades of life in its journey towards eternity and thereby upholds the positivity and the positive elements in its journey in this world. Therefore, the gist of the definition of humanity is that, humanity is that facet of the world which always looks towards or faces the brighter side of being or in other words, the definition of humanity is in overcoming the negative elements of the world. In the whole process, humanity will certainly herald in an era where there is positivity among them in the form of overall happiness and joy. The repercussions of this phenomenon of humanity will certainly usher in the world’s human being where happiness prevails over sadness, joyous feelings prevail over sorrow. All in all, this culmination in the being of humanity will usher in an overhauling of humanity itself, thereby making it something to imitate for the other creatures of this world. In the long run, these will embolden the trait of human being as the most superior creature of this world which is of possessing rationality at its zenith.

-Jnandeep Bora

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