What is the role of a bureaucrat ? Is an IAS officer needed in new India ?

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The role of a IAS officer is majestic. Socialist India is changing to Capitalist one. Social theory is switched to Technology one due to exploitation. IAS can also termed as Indian Asset Service.The role of IAS is monitor the Indian society . Religious groups changes urban dwellings to townships. The evolution of townships is the huge domestic markets and massive private sector . 

Bureaucrats live in colonial culture. Religion is an emergence of the free markets and their existence in a global world . Free markets are a global and universal Capitalist process. In India bureaucrats were prone to debate . Due to leadership of religions and their poverty index townships pave way for social unjustices. 

Civil services are increased due to public utilities. The number of IAS officers shall increased. Civil services shall be given to higher caste than townships immates. Township immates reduce the labour power and increase the tendency to read capital politically. The deccay of the Township Immates indeed increases the social injustices. 

Due to the favour of political people to civil services an richest people in the world phrase emerge. Richest people in the world phrase is family business phenomenon. Township Immates in urban business is immigration. Dog value in church leadership's tend to the arrest of eminent feelings. Nobel Prize Winners are excellent in craftmanships. The assets and liabilities of Tiruvalla can be termed as equal opportunity to Kottarakkara. IAS officer is above rich people . They neutralise the capitalism tendency to the social injustices level. IAS cadre is a tradition today . Some of our traditions are under moral distortion in the family set up and political arena. 

Kottarakkara is suitably socially approaved to Tiruvalla. Rich Giants prefer local innovations to income equality. Where is Socialism coined with Secularism in Asian Constitutions. Family business emerge due to equal opportunity in centres of excellence in colleges at national level of autonomous colleges. National level of centres of excellence is upgraded from high caste community colleges due to the subordinate of IAS officers. Some of our religious heads are more than chief ministers cadre. 

Our caste system permit minorities to have low jobs and career accountable to political leadership's. What is the status of minorities today ?. Are they socially approaved ? Do they have equal opportunity ? Liberal policy among Asian Nations area of study in Western Nations .Cowardness in style and leadership's tend to read capital politically. If we read capital politically civil services is better suited in Third World Nations. Third World Nations are a issues of cowardice among non autonomous colleges. Think high and simple living is cowardice. A coward sees a coward once in after 30 years . The rest we will see in the next paradigm. 

Paradigms comes and go. Are they influence our public life. ? IAS debate tends to elastic among free markets. We shall do our own job . Nobody fits there in plenty. Our attitude shall share our resources in social justice. Where we find religion. Some of our state ministers are getting more money without limits . But will they continue in the next term . In the next term who will continue ? People leaders and journalists will continue in the Post Covid world where global technology meets aristocrazy. Aristocrazy is a worn out term to the brim of the caste system where civil services are optional and vivid.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil

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