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What should we do to improve Indians to be honest in public life?

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The word Honesty is itself known as the quality or fact of truthfulness, fairness, frankness and the absence of deceit and fraud. We Indians believe in "Honesty is the best quality" unfortunately our great grandsires followed this at the utmost. I am not saying that there are no honest people but, there are in scanty numbers. We have to create them in millions, not definitely in dozens. We must as a nation of 1.5 billion people and 20% of the global population and being the largest democracy on the surface of the planet attend to this task with a great sense of urgency.

We must come out with a multi-pronged strategy (1) producing men of character; (2) projecting men of character as assets and ideals of the nation (3) punishing dishonesty with exemplary punishment to inculcate into the citizens a sense of respect and fear of wrongdoing. Nations like Israel, Singapore, etc.

 We have to imbibe the concept of morality from the cradle itself. Mother is the first and the best teacher (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world). Mother is the only personality to teach her child morality that the child has to follow throughout his/her life. The people of India should take inspiration from Indians. The mothers of glorified personalities like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Satya Harishchandra (his name itself begins with the word Satya) Shankaracharya, Subash Chandra Bose, and the famous 20th-century monk Swami Vivekananda, etc were reared in integrity. We Indians produced an exalted character, a leading spiritualist, and an ideal mother "Rani Madalasa" taught her child that "Suddhosi buddhosi niranjanosi" (“You are pure, Enlightened, and spotless.

Leave the illusion of the world and wake up from this deep slumber of delusion”) Rani Madalasa is treated as a role model for bringing up children and inculcating moral principles. She has made her sons both great saints and as well as a king. she imparted the principle of Birthless and Deathless nature of the atman to her children. It is known as the "Lullaby of Queen Madalasa and the Madalasa upanishad". 

The role of a teacher is the second most important to set forth the morals among children. We can take the example of "APJ Abdul Kalam". The teachers of Kalam apologize if they went wrong. What we need are those teachers who are of sterling character. 

In 2021 India stood 85th rank in the Transparency International corruption index out of 180 countries followed by Maldives, Colombia, Ethiopia, etc. The current president of the United States and a member of the Democratic party "Joe Biden '' stated that" Corruption is cancer: cancer that eats away at citizens' faith in Democracy Diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity". All criminal cases on politicians must be adjudicated expeditiously. As a society, we should avoid adoring cricketers and movie stars and we have to espouse the honest fruit vendors, police officers with integrity and people who have patriotic fervor. The men of character must be glorified and awarded to inspire younger generations. Present government awarded the most exalted character like "Nanda Kishore Prusty" with Padma Shri for his selfless contribution in the field of education,  Tulasi Gowda the lady from Karnataka was given Padma Shri for her extraordinary contribution to the environment, "Sulagti Narasamma" a  midwife from Karnataka State was awarded the country's fourth-highest civilian award. And the orange vendor Harekala Hajabba from Karnataka, Mohammed Sharif an Indian bicycle mechanic, there are many men of integrity and people from every nook and corner were awarded Padma awards. We have to make educational, electoral and judicial reforms to reduce corruption. We have to follow the Scandinavian countries to reduce corruption. We have to introduce "conscription" in our so-called education system. The compulsory service to the nation must become part and parcel of the lives of every individual. If you love somebody you never injure them and the same way if you love your nation you don't join hands with enemies both internal and external. 

Societies should produce "men of character". The word "Truth" itself embodied in our Constitution.  "satyameva jayate nāná¹›tam" the "Truth alone trumps not the Falsehood". Previously in our history, the whole world looked towards India for setting a good example. For that, we shall together set the wheels in motion in fact put our heart's blood to achieve the values to strive and to create the men of the most exalted character once again and set a good example to the human race.


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