What would the covid-19 pendemic be like without internet.

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Covid-19, which has become a pandemic from almost beginning of this year, has affected each and every people of the world , either they are rich or poor, sick or healthy.

It has created distance among people even to our close ones.

When this virus was spreading continuously, every countries, streets and everything were locked and still we are not free due to its deadly effects. Countries are  enforcing Street quarantine to control the spread of the havoc of this disease, affecting our day to day life, businesses and movements. people have to stay away from each other , they have to stay in their homes. Many people feel depressed due to loneliness, student cannot go to their schools and meet with their schoolmates and friends. They cannot even play in their neighbours. Men and women cannot meet to his or her friends and colleagues. Many jobs are lost which is a big factor of depression in many people. People cannot go to market, cafe and restaurants, etc for refreshments.

During this havoc situation, only one thing helped the people and that is ‘internet’. It is like a all time friend and companion to every people. It is like a lifeline during this lockdown.

It helped  us and still helping to keep us and our family aware, healthy and safe during this crisis. Many people are capable to save their jobs through working from homes.

Internet played a crucial role from online learning to working from home. Now people can work and connect to people through their mobile phones or computers with the help of of internet. students are able to learn from their homes. It is not exactly hundred percent like school and office environment, but at least people and students are busy in their works they are not in the trap of depression. People are able to earn money and students are able to earn the knowledge.

Also, it is helping us in keeping us refreshed. Whenever we feel bore or lonely, we use our social medias and many apps to stay connected with the family, friends and world.

No doubt, if internet would not be there then life would be very difficult today in this global crisis.

But still large number of people are far from internet connection. Some can not afford mobile phones, some  do not have good network connection in their areas and some cannot afford monthly expenses of recharge packs.

Due to all these problems many people especially in rural areas are unaware of day-to-day activities, children cannot connect to the online classes, some cannot work online properly due to network issues, etc.

This covid-19 has also taken many jobs which is a major factor, that people are not having money to service then how they can afford mobile phones and internet connections.

But in some places spike in internet connection has been seen in last few months, which is a good sign. but what about those who are helpless.

Of course our government is providing many accessible internet connections and other facilities to people. It has launched many TV channels for studies.

Government is also working for people in its best but it would be much better if this poor people can get all other facilities as soon as possible.

-Anjali Sharma

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