With Rishi Sunak becoming the British PM, does India benefit in any way?

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The recent forthcoming news regarding Rishi Sunak becoming the next British  Prime Minister, has lightened up a sense of contentment and happiness among all Indians. It has become a popular topic of interest and  a favoured web search all over India. This unexpected flabbergast news has surprised each and everyone. Rishi Sunak being the first youngest British prime minister is  non white,hindhu and from Indian origin. Indian TV channels also appeared star-struck and spellbound by Sunak’s victory. News headlines like “Indian son rises over the empire”,  “Battered Britain gets ‘desi’ big boss.” flashed across Tv news channels. A sign of satisfaction was seen across Indians as a drastic change from the past Indian historical British ruling towards a new change of UK electing a prime minister of Indian origin. A hope of friendly environment and good relationship with UK emerged within. Rishi Sunak said that he  wanted to make India-UK relations more of a “two-way exchange that opens up easy access to UK students and companies in India and to start learning from India.


India-UK relationship-There is no doubt that there will be good, friendly ,strong and mutual relationship between the two countries. There will be a measure of political stability , improvement in practical democracy as well as a progress on free Trade agreement. These relations allows nations to cooperate with one another, pool resources, and share information as a way to face global issues that go beyond any particular country or region. Most of the Contemporary global issues including pandemics, terrorism, and the environmental problems can be resolved using these harmonious relationship.

Education system-As we know there are many Indians living in UK inclusive of students for higher studies. There will also be exchange of ideas and knowledge for health and welfare of the country.

IT sector-Improvement in IT sector with many Indian companies getting recognized at International level. Many Indian companies can work together with UK companies to improve in their quality.

Psychological benefits – Indian people living in UK have a psychological benefit. Rishi Sunak being son in law of famous writer and philanthropist Sudha Murthy creates a much inspirational and positive image in people.

Jobs and employment-Increase in job and employment status of the country, decreasing financial instability as well as country development .There will be creation of enormous amount of opportunities in India too. Opportunity for students also to work and get educated in world class institutions. It can create a gateway for various jobs for the unemployed.

Economy and development-Enhancement of economic growth and prosperity is expected as a result of the free trade agreement. Learning of new skills and increased import-export process improves economy of the country. Economic stability is heart of a government and country’s major problems can be solved .

Two way exchange process-This creates bilateral exchanges and improved trade process also.

Cultural aspect-Indian cultural heritage is taken level up to International level and increase in phenomenal wealth is guaranteed.

Tourism- Improvement in tourism to India as well as UK can also be expected in future.

Few people quote as Rishi Sunak being UK prime minister would not effect or help India and wouldn’t change the equation. But in my opinion there will surely be drastic revolutionary changes that would be positive in nature which can reshape and rationalise the country in many ways.

No doubt that Rishi Sunak being British prime minister will benefit India. There will be more harmonious rapport and relation between the two countries and development in economy as well as healthy processes. Our prime minister Narendra Modi was also glad to see UK counterpart Rishi Sunak after their first meeting in G20 summit at Indonesia,Bali.They both have discussed to work together in future to improve democracy, defense, security and economic partnerships. Formation of like minded democracies and value to law, human rights, liberty, transparency, gender equality will be strengthened. Standards and policies at global level can be improved. Moreover, a Prime Minister of Indian origin is not the main essence .The key point lies in the fact that both the Prime ministers are responsible enough and trying their level best to improve their country. Their similarity in thinking to provide good service to the country also brings the two countries on same platform that in turn ameliorates and benefits trade, business and friendly atmosphere between India and UK. Undertaking all the challenges involved, there will be overall sustainable development of both the countries .

-Dr. Rashmi Bhagat

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