Work life balance how can it be achieved?

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Globalisation has offered various opportunities to people worldwide by connecting the world through rapid growth of technology, communication and transportation services. The way it has made life better,faster and more evolving, in same way it has also made it more challenging.

As truly said by Hilary Clinton “Don't confuse having a career with having a life.” makes me wonder that with time are we really living the life we actually want to live or we just pretend to.

Being busy in building great career in terms of better work profile, higher salary pay outs,perks,bonusetc lets not ignore another crucial part of our life i.e. our personal life.

The equilibrium point for professional and personal life strikes when we try to achieve a good work life balance and try to work on maintaining it in constant manner.

The work life balance is the process where you manage your professional work efficiently that it doesn’t hamper your personal life , it gives you space to spend quality time with your family and friends, to follow your hobby, to develop your fitness routine or any other thing which you would love to do for your overall well being.

The wok life balance is very much achievable thing provided we opt to have it for our long term betterment by trying to follow below mentioned things.

Share & Care – At workplace you can always ask for help for unplanned extra added work on your plate, sometimes it happens that our colleagues are better at applying technical knowledge or tricks which can save time also it can help us to multiply our working knowledge of the technology or functional system of the work profile.

Get Organized and set your priorities well in time to avoid last minute haywire

Active lifestyle in terms of exercise, following hobbies,having fun time for self will add extra dose of forward looking benefits in long term

Focus on quality and not perfectionism to avoid disappointments

Set short term and long term goals with regards to your career path in order to reach their in effective way.

Communication is a key to develop better relationships to keep urself at ease and sorted.”If you don’t ask the answer is always No”. So communicate , discuss and work on solutions.

Also lets not forget, “Charity starts at home”, we can also help at our home/partner/parents to share their daily work load which will also help them to ease out and it will contribute to overall healthy family environment at home.

Life is more than achieving targets, running behind career goals,luxurious life style. There is no point we are earning lacks of rupees from highly paying job or business and another hand spending it on medical treatment of back pain issues,obesity,stress management etc.

Definitely we might not have control over work culture, employee policies of the particular firm or company, market competition but we can look at that every possible opportunity which will help us to achieve work life balance and keep us encouraging for better results in terms of personal and professional front.

As per the latest linkedInreport , 55% of Indian professionals feel stressed; it's high time now we work on underlying reasons and focus on a real outcomes such as mental peace, better health and the best work life balance.

Only giving HR feedback, filling employee surveys and discussing at desks won't do wonders.

We should be able to develop and maintain that work-life balance though out our lifelong journey.


-Ani Ysl

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