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Suggested Strategy for Indian Languages

Find below a few tips which can aid you in your language paper preparation:

  1. The biggest difficulty aspirants face in this paper is because most of us would have lost touch with our native language. Our writing and comprehending skills in our native language would have gone down considerably since our school days as we are used to carrying out our day to day dealings in English. Addressing this lacuna will make it easier to deal with this paper.
  2. This calls for us to get back in touch with the basics of our native language on a regular basis. The solution for this is to read vernacular newspapers a few weeks before the exam. This will help one improve their vocabulary, sentence formation and comprehension skills.
  3. Writing speed in your native script is another area of concern. This can be addressed by writing a small essay immediately after reading a newspaper. A few weeks of practice is sufficient to improve the writing speed.
  4. Translation section contains 2 questions wherein you are required to translate from native language to English and vice versa for the other question. While translating, it is advised to avoid word to word literal translation as this would take away the essence of what the passage is trying to convey. The best strategy is to read the complete passage once and then begin translating while ensuring that all crucial points, meanings and phrases are retained.
  5. Usage and vocabulary section is slightly different from the English paper. It contains few basic concepts related to grammar, root words, sentence formation and few trivia related to popular literary works, poets of that language. The best reference for this section would be a matriculation level language book which contains grammatical concepts.

Time Management

Sections Time
Short Essay 45 mins
Reading Comprehension 30 mins
Precis Writing 45 mins
Translation (2) 30 mins
Usage and Vocabulary 30 mins

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