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Information Systems Planning (Management Information System)

Information management is term that covers array of the systems and processes within an organisation to create and use of corporate information. Information Systems Planning is critical in developing and executing successful strategic plans in huge firms at global level. It is observed in current business situation that the markets are very uncertain which pushes companies to adopt effective, pro-active strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. The strategy formula is oriented through company's operation and objectives based on a cautious analysis of the involving company. Objectives of information system planning are desired future positions and destinations the organizations intend to reach in order to fulfil its mission. Its policies are a general guideline that directs and constraints decision making within an organization.

Management Information System

Information technology enable a set of opportunities to gain competitive advantage and to adjust the Information Systems for the benefit of organization.

In present scenario, information system planning is key issue faced by senior executives of company. Information management planning mainly involves in identification of the stage of IS in the organization, identification of the applications of organizational information systems, evaluation of each of these applications, based on established evaluation criteria, establishing a priority ranking for these application and determining the optimum architecture of IS for serving the top priority applications. Theoretical literature of the information systems planning suggests two challenging theories of effective planning in a turbulent environment. One predicts that organizations using a formal, comprehensive planning approach will be more successful. The other predicts that organizations using an informal, incremental approach will be more successful in such an environment.

Stage model of Information System planning

  1. Strategic planning:
    1. Derivation from the organizational plan.
    2. Strategic fit with organizational culture.
    3. Strategy set transformation.
  2. Information requirement analysis:
    1. Define underlying organizational requirements.
    2. Develop sub system matrix.
    3. Define and evaluate information requirements for organizational sub-systems.
  3. Resource allocation:
    1. Return on investment
    2. Charge out
    3. Portfolio approach
    4. Steering committees.
  4. Project planning
    1. milestones
    2. Critical path method
    3. Gantt chart
Stages in Information Systems Planning

To sum up, The Information Systems Planning is a key process for the success and competitiveness of companies in present business environment. Plans explain the structure and content of information system and the way it is developed. The major aim of Information Systems Planning is to recognize the stages of IS planning in the organization.