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Physics Books for IAS

We have compiled for you a list of IAS books for Physics to help you in your prepration for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. so it helps to know the best reference books for the ias exam.

    Books on Physics as Optional subject for IAS Exam are as Follows:
  • Classical Mechanics -H.Goldstein Buy Now
  • Mechanics - Kleppner & Kolenkov -D.S. Mathur Buy Now
  • Mechanics - D.S. Mathur, B.S. Agarwal Buy Now
  • Quantum Mechnaics - A Ghatak Buy Now
  • Wave/Spl.Relatively - D.S. Mathur/Kleppner&Kolenkov Buy Now
  • Waves and Oscillations - Brijlal & Subramanyam, B.S. Agarwal Buy Now
  • Special Relativity-R.Resnic -Gupta & Goyal Buy Now
  • Optics-Ajay Ghatak-B.S. Agarwal Buy Now
  • Optics - Brijlal& Subramanyam, B.S. Agarwal, Ajoy & Ghatak Buy Now
  • Fundamental of Magnetism electricity - B.N. Basudeva Buy Now
  • Introduction of Electrodynamics - David Griffiths Buy Now
  • Electricity & Magnetism: D.C. TAyal, B.S. Agarwal, Griffith Buy Now
  • Any fundamental book on electrical engineering like B.L Thareja (Vol 1) or Vincent Del Tero Buy Now
  • Electromagnetic Theory - Stratton Julius Adams Buy Now
  • Thermal Physics - P.K Chakraborty - Satya Prakash, Singhal & Agarawal Buy Now
  • Statistical Physics -Franz Mandl Buy Now
  • Quantum Physics- Resnick & Eisberg Buy Now
  • Concept of Mordern Physics - Arthut Beiser Buy Now
  • Quantum Mechanics -Ghatak & Loknathan/Chatwal & Anand/Satya Prakash Buy Now
  • Atomic Physics - J. B. Rajam Buy Now
  • Atomic & Molecular Spectra -Rajkumar Buy Now
  • Nuclear Physics -S.B Patel Buy Now
  • Nuclear Physics - D.C. Tayal Buy Now
  • Solid State Physics -Kittel Buy Now
  • Introduction to Electricity & Electronics - A SS Mottershead Buy Now
  • Electronics - Milman & Halkias, S. Ramnam, Ryder or Bolstead, Malvina Buy Now
  • A Text Book of Sound - Edmund Catchpool Buy Now

Others Books:

  • Physics Vol I - David Haliday Buy Now
  • Physics Vol 2 - David Haliday, Robert Resnick and Kenneth S. Krane Buy Now
  • Properties of Matter - Murugeshan R. Buy Now
  • Advanced Level Physics - Nelkon & Parkar Buy Now
  • University Physics - Zeemasky
  • A Dictionary of Physics – Goldstein Buy Now