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Here are some help tools for tackling Sociology in the UPSC exams, ranging from the syllabus to reading list and other tips. These resources on Sociology also includes IAS Question Papers of Sociology. We wish you to adopt the best strategy and become successful. We try our best to provide as many resources for your prepration as possible, but if you can add to this list please feel free to send us links or matter.

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  • Social Issues
    1. Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress
    2. Infant Mortality in India
    3. Khap Panchayat in India
    4. Smoking among women in India
    5. Poverty in India
    6. Public Health System in India
    7. Gender Analysis
    8. Problem of Child Abuse
    9. Adolescent Health Programme in India
    10. Status of Education in Delhi
    11. State of the World's Children 2009- UNICEF Report
    12. Honour Killings in India
    13. Universalization of Education in India
    14. Problems of working women
    15. Malnutrition Deaths in Madhya Pradesh
    16. Educational Problems of Women in India
    17. Female Foeticide in India
    18. World's Sanitation Report
    19. Status of Sex Workers in Delhi
    20. Alcoholism
    21. Juvenile Delinquency
    22. Girls, Women and Poverty
    23. Untouchability in India
    24. Infant Mortality in India
    25. Water problem in India
    26. Child Malnutrition in India
    27. The problem of old age in India
    28. Global Food Stocks Fall
    29. Millennium Goals India Position
    30. Population -The trends in India
    31. Tuberculosis in India
    32. Female Literacy in Kishanganj District
    33. Polio in India -Latest Situation
    34. Prostitution in India
    35. Beggary in India
    36. Flood Management in India
    37. Crime against women in India
    38. Decline in number of out of school children in India: A Pratham survey report
    39. Polio in India
    40. Child Soldiers of India
    41. Latest Figures on HIV/AIDS-2007
    42. HIV/AIDS situation in North-East India
    43. Literacy Situation in India
    44. Hunger in India - Impact on Children
    45. State of Rural Healthcare in India-NRHM Report
    46. World HIV/AIDS Figures Low
    47. Gender Gap in India
    48. Birth Registration in India
    49. Recent trends in employment in India
    50. Elementary Education in India 2005-06 –A Report
    51. Corruption in Education system in India – A UNESCO Report
    52. Plight of HIV/AIDS affected children
    53. Rural Sanitation in India
    54. Recent Trend of Divorce in India
    55. Relevance of National Rural Health Mission
    56. Reproductive Health Status of Women in India
    57. Female Infanticide in India
    58. The Status Of Education And Vocational Training In India
    59. Plight of Indian Women: Victims of NRI marriages
    60. Problem of Child Abuse
    61. Sustainable Development
    62. Class Struggle
    63. Women Employment in India
    64. Literacy Rate In India
    65. Woman Empowerment In India
    66. Drug Abuse in India
    67. Dowry System in India
    68. HIV/AIDS in India
    69. Poverty in India
    70. Population of India
    71. Child labour in India
    72. Rural Girls Education
    73. State of Maternal Health in India
    74. Unemployment in India
    75. The status of children in India - Findings of UNICEF 2005 report
    76. HIV/AIDS and Women
    77. Situation of HIV /AIDS in Bihar
    78. Girl and Women Trafficking in India
    79. Gender Inequality In India
    80. Domestic Violence Against Women
    81. Development and Environment are not Contradictory Paradigms
    82. Urbanization Is A Blessing In Disguise
    83. NACO covers less than 10% of HIV –infected in India
    84. Deadly AIDS numbers rising across the world
    85. Status of children in India
    86. Status of Dalits in India
    87. Crime Against Children