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Urban Sociology

1. Write an essay on the nature and scope of rural sociology in Indian & its importance.

The word urban has been defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "pertaining to town or city life". It is derived from the Latin 'Urals' a term used by the Roman a city. Urban sociology is the sociology of urban living; of people in groups and social relationship in urban social circumstances & situations.

Nature Of Urban Sociology

Urban sociology is an important. Discipline of Sociology, it is a branch of Sociology. In urban Sociology, as in general sociology, we study social relation though to a limited extent & in a shorter context. The kind of social relation studied in Urban Sociology, as is evident from the name, are the relations which occur in an Urban Society. Thus Urban sociology is a study of urban society. The urban society is studied & investigated according to sociological methods & techniques, which are ofcourse scientific. The study of urban society can be general as well as specific. In every city we find certain features which are to be found in every urban society and are therefore, to be regarded general. These are distinct from the features of a rural society. for example, in cities, the relations among individuals are importantersonal. Besides the general features which are common to all metropolises, there are certain specific features peculiar to one or more towns but inapplicable to others. Urban sociology studies general & specific features.

An urban community may be defined as a group of people having a certain specialized economic recognizable characteristics. In the above definition of an urban community the social characteristics is the most distinguishing & vital. The following are the special or distinctive features of urban community;

  1. Social heterogeneity
  2. Moderate social contacts
  3. Social tolerance
  4. Moderate control
  5. Social dynamism
  6. Voluntary association
  7. Importantersonality
  8. Lack of communal feeling
  9. Lease morals
  10. Unbalanced individuals
  11. Prevalence of crimes
  12. Dynamic life
  13. Rapid change and
  14. Artificiality in life
Urban Sociology is a study of the communities having above mentioned charges.