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20th Edition of Hornbill Festival

Posted on : 04 Dec 2019

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  • The Hornbill Festival began with a colourful blend of culture and tradition with a modern twist at Naga Heritage Kisama in Nagaland.
  • This is the 20th edition of Hornbill Festival.
  • The festival organised by Nagaland Government is an annual tourism promotional event to showcase the state’s traditional and rich cultural heritage in all its ethnicity, diversity and grandeur.
  • The 10 Days Hornbill Festival began with the traditional blessing pronounced by Mongtei of Aniashu village while the Chief host and Host opened the festival by beating the traditional gong.
  • A display of Sukhoi aircraft flying over Kisama site was also organised in close coordination between the state government and headquarter, Eastern Air Command (IAF) Shillong.

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  1. Hornbill Festival is the state festival of which state in India?

  2. 1.Manipur




    Right Ans : Nagaland

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