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A new species of marmoset in the south-west of Para State in Brazil

Posted on : 10 Jan 2020

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  • A new species of marmoset (Monkey) has been discovered in the south-west of Pará State in Brazil in an area of the Amazon that has suffered extensive illegal logging and agricultural incursion.
  • The new species of marmoset was found at Tapajos River.
  • The region where the marmoset was discovered is “one of the main fronts of forest destruction within the ‘arc of deforestation’, a region infamously characterised by fast, intense and disordered conversion of forests to pastoral and agricultural land and human settlements.
  • The new species has been named Mico munduruku after the Munduruku Amerindians who live in the area where the monkey was discovered.
  • Mico munduruku occurs only within an area in south-western Pará State, Brazil.
  • The marmosets' markings and pigmentation were the first characteristics distinguishing them from others in their genus. Aside from having a white tail, the individuals displayed a beige-yellowish back, white hands, white feet, and white forearms with a beige-yellowish patch on their elbow.
  • Their DNA was the second difference.
  • Genomes show they are closely related but separate from other known Amazonian marmosets.

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