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About Altai Mountains

Posted on : 07 Feb 2020

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  • THE ALTAI MOUNTAINS are a system of remote mountains in central Asia that cover an area of 845,000 square km bounding RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, MONGOLIA, and CHINA.
  • This system is a natural marvel that has been largely untouched by large industries and has a very sparse population. Its name is derived from the Mongolian word ‘ALTAN’, which means “golden.”
  • This region is home to many species of wildlife and plants and is made up of various landscapes. Most of the population in this region relies on farming and tourism.
  • The mountains stretch from northwest to southeast.  Many rivers can be found in the Altai Mountains and most of them are fed by glaciers. Some of the largest rivers are Katun, Biya, and Chuya.

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  1. Altai Mountains are located in which of the following counties?

  2. 1.France




    Right Ans : Mongolia

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