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Annual Status of Education Report 2019

Posted on : 17 Jan 2020

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  • Only 16% of children in Class 1 in 26 surveyed rural districts can read text at the prescribed level, while almost 40% cannot even recognise letters, according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2019, released by NGO Pratham.
  • Only 41% of these children could recognise two digit numbers.
  • The government-run preschool system is losing out to private schools in terms of enrolment, said ASER 2019, which this year focuses on early education.
  • The report, based on a survey conducted in 26 districts across 24 states by education non-profit Pratham, also highlights a gender gap in schooling.
  • However, ASER found that the solution is not to spend longer hours teaching children the 3Rs.
  • Counter-intuitively, the report argues that a focus on cognitive skills rather than subject learning in the early years can make a big difference to basic literacy and numeracy abilities.
  • ASER surveyors visited almost 37,000 children between 4 and 8 years in 26 rural districts across 24 States.
  • They asked each child to do a variety of tasks testing cognitive skills — sort images by colour and size, recognise patterns, fit together a four-piece animal puzzle — as well as simple literacy and numeracy tests.
  • Social and emotional development was tracked through activities using cards with faces showing happiness, sadness, anger and fear.
  • The lack of age-appropriate skills is alarming as this gap at an early age can impact the entire education supply chain in India.
  • The study also showed how a better education level among mothers can lead to better outcomes among children in preschools and early schools.
  • The findings also showed that more girls are enrolled in government institutions and more boys in private institutions.
  • The gap in enrolment between boys and girls is larger among 6-8 year olds, with 61.1% of all girls versus 52.1% of all boys in this age group going to a government institution.
  • The report underlined the need to focus on the early years to improve the basics of education.
  • The government preschool system is managed through the Centre’s Integrated Child Development scheme, under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, while schools come under the education ministries at the Centre and in the states.

Article Related Questions

  1. Annual Status of Education Report 2019 was recently launched by which organization?

  2. 1.NGO Pratham

    2.National Council of Educational Research and Training

    3.Teach For India

    4.All India Council for Technical Education

    Right Ans : NGO Pratham

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