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Anti-Tank Guided Missiles of India

Posted on : 18 Dec 2019

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Anti-Tank Guided Missiles of India

  • DRDO Anti-Tank Missile
  • Amogha missile
  • Nag missile (also called ‘prospina’)
  • HeliNa (Helicopter-launched Nag)
  • Man portable (MP ATGM)
  • Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT)
  • Cannon-launched Laser Guided Missile (CLGM)
  • SAMHO (land version of CLGM)


Additional information:


Anti-Tank Guided Missiles of Israel

  • Spike (now possessed by India)
  • Orev (upgraded BGM-71 TOW-2)
  • LAHAT – fired through smoothbore tank gun tubes of Merkava tanks
  • Nimrod

Other Defence Technologies imported by India from Israel

  • Heron; Searcher; SPYDER; Python-5; Barak 8.

Article Related Questions

  1. Which of the following is NOT an Anti-Tank Guided missile possessed by India?

  2. 1.HeliNa




    Right Ans : Python-5

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