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Brown to Green Report by Climate Transparency partnership

Posted on : 23 Dec 2019

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  • The Brown to Green Report 2019 is the world’s most comprehensive review of G20 climate action.
  • It provides concise and comparable information on G20 country mitigation action, finance, and adaptation.
  • Developed by experts from 14 research organizations and NGOs from the majority of the G20 countries covering 80 indicators, it is published by the Climate Transparency partnership.
  • According to the report, Carbon emissions from the world’s 20 biggest economies, including India, are rising and one of the G20 countries have plans that will help them achieve the 1.5 degrees target.

Article Related Questions

  1. “Brown to Green Report” is published by?

  2. 1.G-20


    3.UN Environment

    4.Climate Transparency partnership

    Right Ans : Climate Transparency partnership

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