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BRUIE robot

Posted on : 30 Jan 2020

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• Buyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration (BRUIE) is a robot of NASA developed for underwater exploration in extra-terrestrial, icy waters. • It's a wheeled vehicle designed to drive upside down on ice sheets. BRUIE is buoyant, which keeps it pressed against the ice ceiling. • Moons throughout the solar system believed to be covered in deep oceans hidden beneath thick, frozen surfaces. • It could be used to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus. • These can be the most promising locations in our solar system to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. • It is being tested at Australia's Casey research station in Antarctica to perform driving upside down under sea ice. • NASA is already constructing the Europa Clipper orbiter, scheduled for launch in 2025 to study Jupiter's moon Europa, laying the groundwork for a future mission that could search for life beneath the ice.

Article Related Questions

  1. Consider the following statements regarding BRUIE robot
    1.It an underwater exploration robot developed by NASA.
    2.It is planned to moons of the solar system like Europa of Jupiter.
    3.It is being tested at Casey research station in Antarctica which is controlled by the USA.
    Which of the above statements are correct?

  2. 1.1 and 2 only

    2.2 and 3 only

    3.1 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1 and 2 only

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