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Climate change

Posted on : 14 Feb 2020

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  • Co2 emission on rise: According to the Global Carbon Project, CO2 emissions are on rise by 0.6% in 2019 (2.1% in 2018). The reductions are not enough to stop global warming. Despite a significant decline in coal consumption in US and Europe, the higher global emissions are attributed to growth in natural gas and oil usage.
  • Industrial heat: Industrial products are essential to construction, infrastructure and manufacturing, but making them requires a lot of heat—heat that emits more carbon dioxide than all the world’s cars and planes. Many industrial processes start with melting rocks by burning fossil fuels, and development of alternative technologies is far behind and expensive.
  • Land degradation: Land degradation, mainly due to human activities like deforestation, mining/quarrying, construction, roads, other infrastructure for economic development, human settlements for increasing population, etc., is a contributing factor to climate change. Even agriculture and related activities are degrading land, including groundwater resources.
  • Meat consumption: IPCC report ‘Climate Change and Land’ emphasises the ever-increasing global meat consumption and the resulting distorted land-use pattern to meet this requirement, as a cause contributing to climate change. The EAT-Lancet Commission report also supports this; it adds biodiversity loss, natural water depletion and carbon emission to the associated risks.

Article Related Questions

  1. Which of the following activities can be said to be a cause of climate change?
    1.Land degradation
    2.Industrial heat
    3.Meat consumption
    Choose the correct answer:

  2. 1.1 only

    2.1 and 2 only

    3.2 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1, 2 and 3

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