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Dolutegravir Drug

Posted on : 25 Feb 2020

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  • Dolutegravir is a prescription medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of HIV infection.
  • It is always used in combination with other HIV medicines.
  • It belongs to a group of HIV drugs called integrase inhibitors. Integrase inhibitors block an HIV enzyme called integrase. By blocking integrase, integrase inhibitors prevent HIV from multiplying and can reduce the amount of HIV in the body.
  • HIV medicines can’t cure HIV/AIDS, but taking a combination of HIV medicines (called an HIV treatment regimen) every day helps people with HIV live longer, healthier lives. HIV medicines also reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
  • HIV is the virus that causes HIV infection. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.
  • HIV is spread through contact with the blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of a person with HIV.
  • Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection. People on ART take a combination of HIV medicines (called an HIV regimen) every day.
  • ART is recommended for everyone who has HIV.

Article Related Questions

  1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently recommended the use of the drug Dolutegravir (DTG) to treat which one of the following diseases?

  2. 1.Ebola


    3.Swine Flu

    4.Japanese Encephalitis

    Right Ans : HIV/AIDS

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