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Evolution of the basic features of the Constitution

Posted on : 21 Dec 2019

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  • The “basic features” principle was first expounded in 1953, by Justice J.R. Mudholkar in his dissent, in the case of Sajjan Singh v. State of Rajasthan, 1964.
  • Justice Mudholkar in his minority judgment, observed that the Constitutional Amendment be excluded from the definition of law under Article 13 and he also gave an argument that every Constitution has certain basic principles which could not be changed.
  • However, the Doctrine of the Basic Structure was brought into limelight in the majority judgment(7:6) of the 13-Judges bench of the Kesavanand Bharti V State of Kerala.

Article Related Questions

  1. “Basic Features” of the Constitutions was first mentioned by the Supreme Court in which of the following cases?

  2. 1.GolakNath V State of Punjab

    2.Kesavananda Bharati V State of Kerala

    3.Sajjan Singh V State of Rajasthan

    4.Kihoto Hollohan V Zachillhu

    Right Ans : Sajjan Singh V State of Rajasthan

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