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Frozen Zanskar River and Chaddar Trek

Posted on : 22 Jan 2020

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  • 50 trekkers including nine foreign nationals and approximately equal number of local guides and porters, who were a part of the ongoing ‘Chadar Trek’, got stranded when some portions of the frozen Zanskar River melted.
  • To carry out a rescue by helicopters, a makeshift helipad was prepared along the river bank. ALH helicopters were immediately pressed into action from AF Stn Leh.
  • Chaddar Trek is an annual winter event in Ladakh, popular among tourists. The trek goes on the frozen Zanskar River over a period of four-five days, with staging halts in between.
  • The Chadar trek, on the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh, counts among the most difficult treks in the Himalayan region.
  • Usually starting from Tilat Do and ending at Nyrek, this trek offers an experience of how the locals walk on the frozen river to maintain their connection during the harsh winter season.
  • The best time to take the trek is from the mid of January to the mid of February when the ice is the thickest.

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  1. Chaddar Trek is an annual winter event in which state of India?

  2. 1.Himachal Pradesh




    Right Ans : Ladakh

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