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Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum

Posted on : 17 Dec 2019

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  • India has slipped four places to rank 112th globally in terms of gender gap amid widening disparity in terms of women's health and survival and economic participation- the two areas where the country is now ranked in the bottom-five.
  • While Iceland remains the world's most gender-neutral country, India has moved down the ladder from its 108th position last year on the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report to rank below countries like China (106th), Sri Lanka (102nd), Nepal (101st), Brazil (92nd), Indonesia (85th) and Bangladesh (50th).
  • Yemen is ranked the worst (153rd), while Iraq is 152nd and Pakistan 151st.
  • Geneva-based WEF, an international organisation for public-private cooperation, said this year's improvement can largely be ascribed to a significant increase in the number of women in politics.
  • The WEF had published its first gender gap report in 2006, when India was ranked relatively higher at 98th place.
  • Since then, India's rank has worsened on three of four metrics used for the overall ranking. While India has improved to 18th place on political empowerment, it has slipped to 150th on health and survival, to 149th in terms of economic participation and opportunity and to 112th place for educational attainment.
  • The WEF said economic opportunities for women are extremely limited in India (35.4 per cent), Pakistan (32.7 per cent), Yemen (27.3 per cent), Syria (24.9 per cent) and Iraq (22.7 per cent).
  • On health and survival, four large countries -- Pakistan, India, Viet Nam and China -- fare badly with millions of women there not getting the same access to health as men
  • India ranks high on the political empowerment sub-index, largely because the country was headed by a woman for 20 of the past 50 years.
  • But, female political representation today is low as women make up only 14.4 per cent of Parliament (122nd rank globally) and 23 per cent of the cabinet (69th), the report said.

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