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Global Liveability Index 2019

Posted on : 02 Dec 2019

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  • The survey ranks countries across indicators including stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and environment.
  • Vienna in Austria, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia make the top three cities in the list.
  • In India, New Delhi and Mumbai rank 118th and 119th out of 140 cities.
  • Damascus in Syria, Lagos in Nigeria and Dhaka in Bangladesh rank in the bottom.
  • The index assesses which locations around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions. Each factor in a city is rated as acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable or intolerable.
  • According to the report deterioration in culture and environment scores is of concern including the quality of air in cities like New Delhi.
  • Of the 37 Asian and Australasian cities included in the index, five are among the ten most liveable and six are among the 20 least liveable.

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