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How Malappuram topped the list of world’s ‘fastest growing cities

Posted on : 10 Feb 2020

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  • The list based on data from the United Nations Population Division, appears unusual because the total fertility rate in Kerala is 1.8 as per NITI Aayog data from 2016 which is below the replacement rate of 2.1.
  • Another Kerala city, Thrissur, is No. 13, and the capital Thiruvananthapuram is No. 33 on the UN list.
  • Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu which has an even lower TFR of 1.6 is No. 30. Surat in Gujarat (TFR of 2.2) is No. 27.
  • There is no representation on the list from high population growth states like Bihar and UP.
  • These cities are seeing rapid urbanisation, and the main reason is the inclusion of new areas in the UA’s limits.
  • In 2001, there were two municipal corporations within the UA of Malappuram. In 2011, the number of municipal corporations had doubled to four, and an additional 37 CTs were included within Malappuram.
  • The population of the UA (excluding the residents of the outgrowths) increased almost 10 times in the same period because of the inclusion of existing urban areas in the town.
  • Similarly, Kollam UA grew from one municipal corporation in 2001 to 23 CTs, one municipal corporation, and one municipal council in 2011.
  • Its population increased by 130%, even though the population of the original ST of Kollam actually decreased by 4%.

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