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Israel unveils new laser system “Dubbed Light Blade”

Posted on : 30 Dec 2019

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  • Israel unveils new laser system to shoot down Gaza’s incendiary balloons, drones.
  • The system, dubbed Light Blade, is intended to shoot the threats out of the sky before they can enter Israeli territory.
  • It was developed for police and the Israel Defense Forces by three engineers from the private sector who worked with Ben Gurion University researchers and technological departments of the Israel Police and IDF.
  • The laser is capable of engaging targets day or night with an effective range of two kilometers (1.6 miles). It can be moved around on a small trailer or installed on a truck.
  • Light Blade is to be deployed along the border with the Gaza Strip as well as along the northern border with Lebanon.


Additional Info


  • In June Israel deployed a system that can spot fire-starting balloons and kites in the sky, track their progress, and then direct firefighters to their landing spots, enabling them to more rapidly extinguish the flames and reduce damage.
  • The Sky Spotter system was built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.
  • Originally developed to counter small drones, Sky Spotter can track the balloons or kites and pinpoint their location, where they are heading, and where they are likely to land.

Article Related Questions

  1. The term “Dubbed Light Blade”, seen recently in news refers to?

  2. 1.The uneven thunderstorm felt in Bermuda triangle.

    2.It is a new nuclear fission technology.

    3.It is a newly invented machine by IIT Mumbai to generate electricity from thunderstorms.

    4.It’s a new laser system developed by Israel to destroy drones

    Right Ans : It’s a new laser system developed by Israel to destroy drones

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