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Jaga Mission

Posted on : 13 Feb 2020

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  • Government of Odisha won the 'World Habitat Award' for its ambitious initiative - Jaga Mission. Tag line of the mission is “Transforming Slums to Liveable Habitats”.
  • It is the first of its kind project in the country, to give land titles to slum dwellers.
  • OdishaLiveable Habitat Mission "JAGA" is a society under Housing & Urban Development Department.
  • Objective:Jaga Mission promises to provide slum dwellers “self-respect and freedom from the perpetual fear of eviction”.
  • Partners: The Housing and Urban Development Department of Odisha, Tata Trusts, and Norman Foster Foundation.
  • Other recognitions: Recently, this project was also awarded the 'India Geospatial Excellence Award' for technological innovation in transforming the lives of urban poor.
  • World Habitat: This award is given by World Habitat, a UK-based organization, in partnership with United Nation (UN)-Habitat, every year, in recognition of innovative, outstanding, and revolutionary ideas, projects, and programs from across the world.
  • Jaga Mission is the World’s largest slum land titling project, benefiting a million urban-poor living in the slums of Odisha, by granted land rights certificate.
  • Slum land titling project: Jaga Mission aims to provide slums with all necessary civic infrastructure and services at par with the better off areas within the same urban local body (ULB). It aims to improve access to livelihood opportunities by leveraging/converging various schemes, programs, and funding.

Article Related Questions

  1. ‘Jaga Mission’ received the World Habitat Award. Which of the following statements are correct about Jaga Mission?
    1.Jaga Mission is a Housing & Urban Development Department of Government of Odisha project.
    2.Jaga Mission aims to transform Urban Local Bodies (ULBS) into livable habitats.
    3.Jaga Mission also provides access to livelihood opportunities.
    Choose the correct answer:

  2. 1.1 only

    2.1 and 3 only

    3.2 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1 and 3 only

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