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Kadaram Campign

Posted on : 04 Jan 2020

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  • The Cholas were well known for their sustained naval policy from the days of rajaraja to kulottunga1, a rare feature in early Indian polity and politics. Rajaraja initiated the process by sending fleets to Ilam or Sri Lanka, the northern part of which came under the Chola rule.The chola fleet became stronger during Rajenndra1’s time when the entire island of Ilam was conquered.
  • This was followed by the most daring Chola raids, the kadaram campaign in AD1025-26 When no less than tweleve areas in south-east asia were conquered by the Chola fleet.

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  1. The famous ‘Kadaram Campaign’ was undertaken by which Indian Kingdom:

  2. 1.Chalukyas




    Right Ans : Cholas

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