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Posted on : 03 Dec 2019

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  • Mapped within Uttarakhand is a 372-sq km area called Kalapani, bordering far-west Nepal and Tibet.
  • Kalapani is a 35 square kilometre area. The Kali River in the Kalapani region demarcates the border between India and Nepal.
  • While the Nepal government and political parties have protested, India has said the new map does not revise the existing boundary with Nepal.
  • The Nepal government described India’s decision as “unilateral” and claimed that it will “defend its international border”.
  • Nepal’s western boundary with India was marked out in the Treaty of Sugauli between the East India Company and Nepal in 1816.
  • Nepali authorities claim that people living in the low-density area were included in the Census of Nepal until 58 years ago.
  • Nepal claimed that the late King Mahendra had “handed over the territory to India”. By some accounts in Nepal, this allegedly took place in the wake of India-China War of 1962.

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  1. “Kalapani”, a small area on the India map is the zone of dispute with which neighboring country

  2. 1.Sri Lanka




    Right Ans : Nepal

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