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National Grid of Ports

Posted on : 21 Feb 2020

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  • During the 17th Meeting of Maritime states Development Council (MSDC)—the apex advisory body for the development of the maritime sector—government announced a plan to develop a National Grid for Ports.
  • Out of the 204 minor ports in the country, only 44 are functional; the National Grid for Ports (NGP) will connect the major and minor ports.
  • Ports have been centres of India’s maritime activity in the past; the objective is to once again revive ports as important centres of sea trade.
  • The objective is also to improve infrastructure and to reduce and finally eliminate human interface.
  • Ministry of shipping is planning a wider expansion of port capacity across the country.
  • The plan will be carried through cooperation between the Centre and State.
  • A host of measures will be undertaken to cut time and cost, digitization of processes, and to strongly address environment-related concerns.
  • Specific cargo linked to the ports and the downstream industry will be identified for the revival of each port.

Article Related Questions

  1. The proposed 'National Grid of Ports is an attempt to which of the following?

  2. 1.Linking ports with railway lines

    2.Linking major ports with minor ports

    3.Linking ports with air fields

    4.Linking ports, railways and air fields

    Right Ans : Linking major ports with minor ports

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