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NEON humans

Posted on : 20 Feb 2020

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  • Among the most-discussed new concepts at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year was NEON.
  • The first project of Samsung’s Star Labs, NEONs are being called the world’s first artificial humans.
  • They look and behave like real humans, and could one day develop memories and emotions — though from behind a 4K display.
  • Star Labs is headed by India-born scientist PranavMistry who underlines that what was showcased at CES was the product of just four months’ work.
  • NEONs are computationally created virtual humans — the word derives from NEO (new) + humaN. For now the virtual humans can show emotions when manually controlled by their creators.
  • But the idea is for NEONs to become intelligent enough to be fully autonomous, showing emotions, learning skills, creating memories, and being intelligent on their own.

Article Related Questions

  1. ‘NEON humans’ were seen in news recently. Which of the following statements are correct about NEON humans?

  2. 1.NEON humans are virtual humans.

    2.NEON humans have evolved from ancient group of ‘ape people’ called Australopiths.

    3.NEON humans were the earliest humans to learn how to control fire.

    4.NEON humans are also called Homo Neanderthalensis.

    Right Ans : NEON humans are virtual humans.

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