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New Restructured Railway Board

Posted on : 30 Dec 2019

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  • The Railway Ministry clarified that none of its officials shall be at disadvantage in the new organisational restructuring.
  • The reforms as suggested by various committees from time to time including Prakash Tandon Committee (1994) and Sam Pitroda Committee (2012), have been largely adopted.
  • Transformational organisational restructuring of the Indian Railways entails the unification of existing eight Group A services of the Railways into a Central service called Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS).
  • In the new restructured Railway Board, there will be one CRB/CEO and four members on functional basis -- Member Infrastructure, Member Rolling Stock and Traction, Member Operation and Business Development and Member Finance.
  • Independent members will be inducted in the Railway Board as non-executive members, who will be in an advisory role.
  • Officers of Indian Railways only will be considered for CEO post and no outsider will be posted as CEO.
  • The modalities of restructuring the Railway Board will be decided by alternative mechanism.
  • The idea to unify all eight services of Indian Railways into one service namely Indian Railways Management Service is to break the departmentalism and make officers work in cohesion for the development of Railways.
  • Indian Railway is aiming to run trains at 160 kmph on Kolkata-Delhi and Delhi-Mumbai corridor. We are hopeful that 3000 route kilometres of dedicated freight corridor will be completed by 2021.

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