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PCSIx - Port Community System

Posted on : 21 Feb 2020

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  • PCSIx, a cloud-based new generation system, brings together the different stakeholders of the maritime sector on a single platform.
  • Port Community System (PCS), an e-commerce portal, was introduced by the Indian Ports Association (IPA).
  • Now efforts are underway to shift to PCS1x, an upgraded version of the PCS, which would allow India to move up further on the ease of doing business index.
  • PCSIx brings together the different stakeholders, facilitating government-to-business, business-to-government and business-to-business transactions even as it ensures extreme levels of cyber security.
  • As PCS’ architecture is built on an open platform, the technology can integrate any new concept or module available in the industry without disturbing the existing ecosystem.
  • This unique feature offers the system unlimited scope for growth and expansion.
  • PCS1x also offers the stakeholders a user-friendly mobile application, event-based notification and alerts, an interactive dashboard, capability of PCS-to-PCS integration (Indian PCS with international PCS) and a 24×7 help desk for location support.
  • It enables trade to have improved communication with the customs, which has already embarked on Application Programming Interface (API) based architecture, allowing for real-time interaction.
  • The platform ensures an improvement in payment cycle, transparency in transaction cycles, and detailed tracking of vessels and berthing schedules.
  • It can be integrated with the Gate system with RFID (radio frequency identification), can produce e-copy of reports and notices, and be used for truck and trailer tracking.

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