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Politics in Maharashtra

Posted on : 16 Dec 2019

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When the elections for the 14th Legislative Assembly carried out in Maharashtra for 288 seats, a natural alliance was formed with BJP-Shiv Sena on the one side and Congress-Shiv Sena on the other. But the post poll alliance following the election result, shocked entire nation and proved that power is more important than ideology or philosophy.

Political tussle

When the results were declared, BJP got 105 seats, followed by the Shiv Sena which got 56 seats. NCP got 54 seats while the Congress secured 44 seats. As usual the Governor invited BJP to indicate willingness to form the government and offered 48 hours to prove the majority. But BJP expressed inability to form government. The next day, Shiv Sena asked by Governor to convey its willingness to form government and offered 24 hours to demonstrate the majority. Shiv Sena stakes claim to form government while submitting that it has the majority support and ask three days time to give the letters of support. But the Governor declines to accommodate the request for three days and rejects the claim. The governor invites NCP to indicate its willingness and ability to form government. With no result, President's rule imposed in Maharashtra. But a combined meet with NCP and Congress allows Uddhav Thackeray as the Chief Minister of the post-poll alliance "Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi". But to the surprise, President's rule revoked at 5.47 am on 23rd November, where Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as Maharashtra chief minister, Ajit Pawar as Dy CM.
Shocked by the activities, NCP-Congress and Shiv Sena moves SC challenging Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari's decision, seek urgent hearing. SC registry posts the matter for hearing on Sunday. SC asks Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to place before the letters of Maharashtra Governor recommending revocation of President's rule,
issues notice to Centre and others. Later, Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar resigned, while Uddhav Thackeray becomes the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

An unique experiment

Shiv Sena party is known for its hindutva agenda has formed a tripartite alliance government consisting of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), and the Indian National Congress is considered an unique experiment. Taking a differnt view of this development, this can be termed not as mere political opportunism, but a political surrender of ideology for power. Besides, there are other views that if party is not willing to form government, other party would occupy that space, which in this case would have meant the BJP was trying to dominate the Maharashtra politics, didn't want to share power with Shiv Sena. So it decided to remain alone. But it was shocked when Shiv Sena was holding talks with non-ideological parties. So it used some under arm tactics but miserably failed. But Shiva Sena should have more reason to tell large sections of distressed masses who offered their votes to its prepoll alliance about the proper justification for the tactical alliance.

Tactics of NCP and Congress

The new alliance was formed after several rounds of talks with NCP President Sharad Pawar. He has chosen the path of intervention in the odd situation after election results. NCP has analysed the power and capability of the ruling party. The Congress party’s approach was different. BJP was its' biggest opponent. It has set aside the political agenda and decided not leave space for the ruling party. Probably with advice of the NCP leaders, Congress seems to have changed the tack on this moment and accepted the sub ordinate role in order to hamper the BJP's success.

Authority of BJP

BJP once again tried to enforce its authority in the state. The party was always concerned with its self-image of being a big brother in managing things and staying power at any cost. So the top leaders of the BJP leadership at the centre and state seem to played an overnight political attack. With its chief minister taking oath on 23 November 2019 after pulling a key leader from NCP. It had believed that use of the money power and pressure tactics, can break opposition parties. But it was outsmarted in the end.

More challenges

Having formed the tripartite alliance government faces alot of challenges. Firstly, they must establish their credibility among the people. Implement the common minimum programme, offering immediate relief to the distressed masses. Secondly, the alliance is not safe, they should avoid the traps set by the BJP and sections of the media, which is very strong all over the nation. Thirdly, NCP and Congress have a lot to explain to its party members and masses, since it has allied with a party that ­espouses Hindutva politics.


The new alliance before and after the election in the Maharashtra, has left the people stunned since the measure of politics has reached another new heights in terms of absurdity. Not just the political thinkers and experts are shocked, politics in India is proving that nothing is impossible and anything can be done for power.

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