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Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM)

Posted on : 27 Jan 2020

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  • India recently successfully test-fired a Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM) with 30-kilometre range from a test range off the Odisha coast.
  • The missile successfully engaged its target during the flight test and met all the desired parameters.
  • Developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the missile has a strike range of 25 km to 30 km.
  • It uses solid-fuel propellant and has the capability of engaging multiple targets.
  • The all-weather and all-terrain missile, which can be mounted on a truck and stored in a canister, is equipped with electronic counter measures against jamming by aircraft radars.
  • Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile System (QRSAM) is a Short Range Surface to Air Missile system designed to protect moving armoured columns from aerial attacks.
  • The entire weapon system is configured on highly mobile platforms and is capable of providing air defense on the move.
  • QRSAM Weapon Systems is being inducted into the Indian Army (IA).

Article Related Questions

  1. Recently, India successfully test-fired a Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM). In this regard, consider the following statements
    1.QRSAM is a short range surface-to-air missile system having capability to engage multiple targets.
    2.It aims to protect moving armored columns from aerial attacks.
    3.It is an all-weather and all-terrain missile using liquid-fuel propellant.
    Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  2. 1.1 only

    2.1 and 2 only

    3.2 and 3 only

    4.1, 2 and 3

    Right Ans : 1 and 2 only

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