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Tamil Nadu Becomes Fifth Indian State to Declare a State Butterfly

Posted on : 11 Dec 2019

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  • Tamil Nadu Becomes Fifth Indian State to Declare a State Butterfly.
  • Tamil Nadu has recently declared Tamil Yeoman (Cirrochroa thais) as its state butterfly to symbolize its rich natural and cultural heritage, in a move aimed at boosting the conservation efforts of the attractive insects.
  • Locally known as Tamil Maravan meaning ‘Tamilian Warrior’, the canopy butterfly, belongs to the family of brush-footed butterflies or the Nymphalid.
  • This is the latest addition to Tamil Nadu’s existing symbols from the natural world – palmyra as the state tree, gloriosa lily as the state flower, emerald dove as the state bird, and jackfruit as the state fruit and Nilgiri tahr as the state animal.
  • This butterfly species is endemic to Western Ghats.
  • Once the species is declared as a state butterfly, this will help channelizing government funds towards a particular environmental cause.
  • Tamil Nadu has a total of 32 species of butterflies endemic to the state.
  • It has become the fifth India state after Maharashtra (Blue Mormon), Uttarakhand (Common peacock), Karnataka (Southern birdwings) and Kerala (Malabar banded peacock) to bestow a state emblem status to one of its colorful insects.
  • Both southern bird wings, which is the largest butterfly species found in India, and Malabar banded peacocks are, like the Tamil Yeoman, endemic to the Western Ghats as well.

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