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Posted on : 06 Dec 2019

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  • They often called water bears - are creatures under a millimetre long that can survive being heated to 150C and frozen to almost absolute zero.
  • They can survive even in the vacuum of space.
  • They were discovered aboard an Israeli spacecraft that crashed on the moon’s surface.
  • Theoretically be possible for the tardigrades to be collected, brought back to earth, reanimated, and studied to see the effects of being on the moon.

Article Related Questions

  1. Recently, a creature known as Tardigrade was discovered on an Israeli spacecraft. What is the unique characteristic of this creature?

  2. 1.It changes its colour very frequently.

    2.It can survive in vacuum conditions.

    3.It can kill almost all drug resistant bacteria.

    4.None of the above

    Right Ans : It can survive in vacuum conditions.

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