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How to choose right kind of study materials for Civil Service Examination 2018 ?

One of the first things for any civil service aspirants is to gather a list of books and other study materials. This is easier said than done. There are unlimited numbers of books available in the market, where each book promises success in the civil services. So, never buy all of the books they can get their hands on. Besides, being a waste of money, this can also make them irritate for not being able to read all of them. So choose the correct study materials and avoid such scenario.

How to choose the correct books ?

Clearing the UPSC civil services exams require perfect planning and meticulous study for almost a year or more. Since, time is a precious resource, if one has to choose the wrong kind of books can not only gives incorrect information but also wastes the time. Besides, students could end learning the things, which are not at all required. While it is common knowledge that books from NCERT are important, newspapers and other books for various subjects are also important. Always get the update version of the study material as areas like current affairs. When one makes a careful observation for the past several years, that UPSC has merged current affairs with conventional subjects while creating questions. So, it is vital that students must read the latest books and magazine issues. For current affairs, it is advised that students can depend on online sources since they are more updated on a daily basis.

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