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Civil Services examination requires a huge amount of reading material for its preparation during the three pronged examination system. The scope of the exam very broad based and its syllabus is very exhaustive. You have to be both master and jack as well of all. In such situation, what to read, how much to read, what could be sufficient reading are some of the frequently asked questions by the civil services aspirants. In order to lessen your burden, the Civil Service India has painstakingly collected some valuable resources for your preparation of this exam. Here are some of the best resources available that can help you prepare for the civil services exam. If you want any other resources please send your request, we will try to update such resources for the benefit of the civil services aspirants. In case if you know any other resources that are available at the open source on the net, please share it with us and we will add them here for the benefit of the IAS/IPS aspirants.

  1. IAS Book Center
  2. Suggested Books for CS Exam
  3. Download Free NCERT Books
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  5. History Tuition
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  9. - E Magazine
  10. E- Books
  11. IAS exam question Papers
  12. Prelims Online Model test
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  18. Best IAS Coaching centers in India
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