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Dirty scams, still Manmohan an intellectual

The Prime Minister of India is the head of party of the parliament which is singularly or collectively has majority, through whom collective responsibility of governance is being enforced.

Mr. Manmohan Singh is the 13th and the current Prime Minister of Republic of India. Mr. Singh has an immense academic qualification and experience from the leading economic college of the world. Apart from this, he has worked as an intellectual advisor at Ministry of Foreign Trade. In 1982 he was appointed as Governor of Reserve Bank of India and served as Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India from 1985 to1987. In 1991 he was the Finance Minister of India and was one of the key people

To implement economic policy which shifted India's image from socialist to emerging capitalist economy.

If we look through whole of his career we would find that Mr. Manmohan Singh is intellectually impeccable but on the political front he has proven himself a failure. Mr. Singh never won any Lok Sabha election which is supposed to be the Representative's of People. His second UPA term is full of cases of corruption episodes and inability in handling his ministers. Three union ministers of UPA are locked up in Tihar Jail and this is also a dark blot on party's reputation. His government is facing corruption charges in 2G Scam, CWG Scam, Oil Scam, MNREGA Scam, Adarsh Scam and in Cash For Vote Scam.

Undoubtedly there was no one in the opposition who can match the reputation of his integrity and efficiency in the opposition party after his UPA's first term. But his work in UPA's second term has left whole nation in incredulous state. During his term many corruption cases arise involving the top leaders of coalition government. 2G spectrum scam is India's biggest scam. The process of allocation of unified access service license involved Rs. 1.76 lakhs crores worth of scam. Former Union Telecom Minister from DMK party is the main culprit behind this activity. Besides, A. Raja's argument that all his actions with regard to spectrum allocation was taken in knowledge of Manmohan Singh also hampers his clean image.

What was predicted as nations pride became most corrupt sport event organised ever in Indian history. Commonwealth Games too raised questions against his governance. Comptroller and Auditor General of India pointed out financial irregularities in the purchase of low-floor bus, construction of dwelling for athletes, bus shelter, street light and many more have accounted for great loss to nation's wealth.

Inability of his Government to track down the flow of black money in India and release the names of those who are involved in this malpractice and illegal account holder in Swiss banks, portrays an image that Government has not stood entrenched in his policies and is influenced by powerful and corrupt people.

Cash-for-vote scam was the most shameful moment of the parliament. Mr. Singh is one of the direct accused in Cash-for-Vote Scam, where to save their majority in parliament his party offered money to opposition party MP's.

Mr. Singh has little control over his party as his authority has been weakend by the fact that UPA is actually not headed by him. Appointment of P.J. Thomas as head of Chief Vigilance Commission was made by the panel which was led by Mr. Manmohan Singh, although P.J. Thomas already had charge sheet against him in Palmolein import case in Kerala. When questioned Mr. Singh regarding this issue he stated that "I was unaware of this fact", which is highly unacceptable from the head of country, who hides behind curtain of oblivion.

Manmohan Singh's procrastination in monitoring the working of his governance has proliferated corruption in many ways. Many political experts have pointed his works as mere negligences. It would not be wrong if one quote that Mr. Manmohan Singh has invented a new type of corruption, i.e. "negligence".

Also it is very disheartening to see that investigating team like CBI has only worked when it has being sermon by the Supreme Court for e.g. in black money case. Government has shown its least interest in directing the investigation on various cases.

Prime Minister shouldn't work under the pressure of his allies' party. When an individual holds the most prestigious position of his nation he should be more responsible and firm in his working. Investigation team under him like CBI should be given more power to work properly and be made free from any political pressure. Strict actions should be taken by him only in favour of nation's welfare.

Mr. Singh's party and political image will hamper if he keeps on with his monk-like silence and show lack of interest in political affairs. One may be academically excellent but on political battle-ground he has to think politically.

Mr. Singh cannot force other less-honest and policy-oriented minister though there are sign that government is planning to curb the minister who are engaged in corrupt politics. So we will have to wait and see how Mr. Manmohan Singh's government and legal system deals with the corruption in future.

- Saurabh Makta

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