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"System" what we call is basically a hierarchy of poor to beaurocrats to politicians to businessman to the people who are enjoying all the fortunes and lavishing life.Whenever any government comes into power in India ,it comes on the promise to clean up the system and provide a better environment for people to carry out their occupation in a fair manner.From the last two months we have seen demonetization as what the ruling party demonstrates as the process of cleaning the system and eradicating black money from the system.But after analyzing these two months we saw that this cleaning process has been more centric to the lowest level of the system.Those standing in the queues of ATM and banks were the common people who hardly possesses any hidden property.Now, what the government claims that they have been able to carve out the black money from the system.But we all know that the actual black money which has been deposited by the corrupt beaurocrats,politicians and businessman is in the Swiss banks.So, what next big step the government should take is to bring all the black money from Swiss banks.Those money belong to the poor and the common people of India,the taxes they have given for so long in a hope to create India a better place to live.Bringing those money will definitely strenghthen our monetary system and help the government to launch new programs for underpriviledged.The education sector in our country is facing lack of funds,the fees of institutions are going higher,the education loan inerest rate is highest.How a government can see a dream of prosperous India without the contribution of the youths which has the largest percentage population.If this population remains uneducated or unskilled due to shortage of funds,what will happen to the future of the country.

The next big thing is providing education to all those who don't have access to basic amunities for free.Education bring light and provide wisdom to an individual.Educating to the poor with the same facilities what the children of rich people get in the private institutions will embark a sense of wisdom and strength to compete with the others.Today, our government provide education in government schools but they don't have basic facilities, not well trained teachers, no computer or skill based learning.These all are due to lack of funds and commitment towards the weaker section of the society.If a children is taught good moral values in school and colleges,he or she can't be a part of any corrupt society.The children and the youths are the building blocks of a nation.Good education will help the youths getting a good job or estabilishing their own ventures.If by providing good education we can solve the problems of unemployement and corruption then why should the government wait in bringing new reforms for education.Employements to youths is one of the major challenges whch our country is facing.Around half of the engineers produced every year in our country are unemployed and are forced to do the jobs which are not of their choice thus, wastig their time.Every time government in our country come with a promise of providing jobs to these unemployed but have never succeeded in eradicating the devil of unemployement.The prime minister of our country had promised that after demonetization,our country wll emerge as a better country as never before.He told us about digital transactions and a cashless economy.But our prime minister must understand that a nation can't achieve this feat by ignoring the large section of unemployed youths who don't have access to a smartphone or internet only because they don't have a job.Our prime minister should focus on generating jobs as early as possible to get a long term benefit of demonetization.Because even after demonetization,those unemployed have not been benefited neither their family.

- Aditya Kumar Rai

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