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Simplification of rules

Due to complicated rules most of our applications are unprocessed and it takes ages to get our rights. The bribe has been giving to access central services like health, education, land. In simple term it has been named as 'petty corruption'. In order to prevent the petty corruption the employer (govt.) should take some steps like employee should dress code, which is free of pockets and the office furniture shouldn't have drawers and important documents should be kept in wardrobe, which must be placed little away from their desk.

Reforming private educational Institutions admission process

During the admission process there should be a form, in which the applicant would fill the tuition fess funding and expenditure details on their earlier education. The institute should revel all these info to auditing company, so that would help them to find whether funding is appropriate or not. If not then the student would be expelled from the college.

Now a days private schools, colleges are mushrooming in India and gradually they are decreasing the educational standard. A law should be incorporated in to the current system that kids of bureaucrats, politician have at least 5 years of education from Govt. Intuitions. As they are part of govt. they should support all the govt's organisations. By adapting this policy the tax payee's money would be spend in improving schools'infrastructure, hygiene, teacher attendance and eventually the standard of education.


Some of the e-governance project has been implemented successfully throughout the country. In each block level there should be 'Block development centre' (BDC), in that govt. should facilitate awareness programme related with all the Govt's .policy and vision for civilians. BDC should take the responsibility to educate village people about computer application. So they could enquire and give their feedback to district magistrate or administrative officer. They have the rights to know how govt. is spending their money.

Accountability (time line boundary)

If the government organisation could strictly adhere to 9 working hour per day, then there would be increased in productivity. So that all the work would be done in right time and the civilian don't have to pay bribes to get the work done. There should be accountability of Govt. works and target to complete the work on time basis. All the Govt. offices should surveillance through CCTV.

Expedite judiciary action

Many cases of corruption take years to be given verdict. This delay in cases creates lack of fear for being corrupt and also huge time span for court trials gives sufficient time to make alterations in the witness. Establishing fast track courts and giving severe punishment for corruption practice will keep a control on corruption

Hike in govt. Employee and rewards

Many employees in government positions receive low salary like clerks, officer staff, police and ministers. Hence they expect to make money by bribery, for that they try to delay the work. After some month the client is fed up in chasing the work and opts for bribery for progress in the work. Make the salary so lucrative that they will feel bad in loosing this job. Their salaries should be raised periodically and employee should be rewarded for good doing.

Controlled price over commodity

Sometimes the groceries prices has soared due to cheap business tactics, which is black market. Businessmen try to sell their inventory or stock of goods at higher price eventually that help in rise in inflation. Business men shouldn't play monopoly in fixing the prices of goods. Govt. has to micromanagement all the market and pays subsidies to farmers to produce crops and vegetable. Strong punishment for wrong business practise.

Strong punishment

The most important cause for Increase in corruption is because people are not scared of the punishment by government. So new and strict rules should be made so that people think 1000 times before taking or giving bribe. This would be an effective way to stop corruption. The courts too should have immense power and the sentences should be given for justice.

Restriction in election campaign

During election, politicians try to lure the people by offering money and other things. If these politicians win and get power, they try to regain 100 times the amount spent for their elections. The system should have strict law for those corrupt politician. There should be restrictions in spending money during camping and should have limit number on party worker and campaigner. If they cross the limit the party ticket would be revoked and make them in illegible candidate.

In the western country voluntarily civilians raise money and help the unprivileged people. We should learn from them and strengthen our moral ethics, by helping and improving our society. There should be collective efforts from the public to prevent corruption.

- Satyasmita Pandey

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