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Allopathy Vs Homeopathy, Discuss

"Health and Intellect are two blessings of life." − Menandar.

In modern day, health is the major concern for all people. As science and Technology is developing day by day many inventions of medical sciences are made. It is common knowledge that contemporary medicines, while abetting the recovery of the damaged organs of human body can negatively influence the sound ones. In medicine this phenomenon is called side effect, which basically treats one part of the body by creating malfunctions in the other one. Some of the modern medicines have such side effects. This is why people prefer Homeopathy or Ayurvedic than Allopathy.

With the raise of popularity in alternate medicines, one of the biggest current debates is the efficiency of Homeopathic medicine when contrasted with Allopathy medicine. While both have common goal of healing the sick, both achieve that goal by different means. Homeopathy is derived from Greek words, that means "similar" and "disease" which makes it "similar to disease". It is method of therapy appeared more than 200 years ago and it is a method of treatment, which belongs to regulate types of therapy. Its main advantage is that it helps the organism cope with the disease by itself by improving the immune system of the body. Ordinary medicines either suppress or agitate certain processes in the body, while homeopathic simply regulate these process they treat that person not the disease itself.

Allopathy is derived from the Greek word which means "other than the disease". It is actually coined by the creator of Homeopathy practice. Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century as a word to describe main stream medical care. He coined it in order to set Homeopathy apart from the common treatment course of the time in order to highlight the differences in care. Homeopath practitioners used the term allopathic in a derogatory manner to describe conventional medicine throughout the 19th century. Coming to Homeopathy Vs Allopathy both follow different concepts. In Homeopathy the differences between any two individuals react to similar disease are an indication of the unique way in which each of them react. This uniqueness of the symptoms & reactions brings in difference in the remedy prescribed to each of them. Where as in Allopathy is based on that disease can be treated with the help of drugs. It only process on symptoms but not the causes. Homeopathy medicines are always prescribed on the basis of individualization i.e., the medicine will change for different persons. Whereas in Allopathy there is no individualization if two persons are suffering from same disease then they have common medicine for both of them. Coming to side effects Homeopathic medicines have no side effects, but it is well known fact that anything taken in excess is bound to be harmful. So, if you take them excess due to negligence or thinking them as placebo it may cause harmful effects. Whereas Allopathy has its own side effects either internal or external effects connected with every prescribed medicine.

I finally conclude Homeopathy and Allopathy is quite different. I personally say that Homeopathy is a decent equivalent to the conventional medicine that is truly worth of respect as it has fewer side effects compared to other treatments as it does not have any chemical materials and is only made out in natural way. In my opinion human being is able to cure himself without an external interface. This is what Homeopathy does. It‘s better to cure the disease in natural way than with chemical components and "be natural".

Padma Bandaru

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