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Achievements and Failures of Climate Change Conference at Paris

What makes India unique from other countries is that its home to all the major religions of the world and different culture and worldviews are practiced here. The inability of the countrymen to accept this fact and accommodate the views, beliefs and behavior that differs from one’s own, is the main cause of intolerance in the country.

These days intolerance has become favorite topic of discussion because this debate was reopened by actor Aamir Khan who in a interview commented that his wife Kiran Rao had suggested him moving out from the country because she feared about the safety of her child and she was scared to open the daily newspaper filled with reports of increasing intolerance..

Amir Khan made this statement in response to a question about recent decision by prominent writers to return their national award what they say was in protest of growing intolerance in the country. After this Aamir Khan’s comment became viral on social media.

Twitter literally got flooded with comments like how a Muslim actor who earned fame and popularity due to Hindu’s support make such a statement against India. Some argued that it is the Hindus who have made Aamir Khan a superstar; as such he should be thankful to them and keep quite. They did not want a Muslim to comment on the growing intolerance in the country.

Aa such Aamir Khan’s statement was made out to become a Hindu – Muslim rivalry. Hindus started hate campaigns against the veteran actor tearing his posters. A leader of radical political party, Shiv Sena , offered 1,00,000 INR reward to anyone who can slap Amir Khan. Later, the party later retracted from such comment.

As the intolerance debate heated the communal angle became blatantly apparent. Just because Amir Khan is a Muslim and a famous actor, he was being targeted. What was his fault; he just made passing reference to personal conversation with his wife and gave an example of his family’s concern. No one has any business to interfere in anyone’s personal conversation. In India everybody, has a right to freedom of expression.

Intolerance is faced by many of us in our daily lives. Every one of us sometimes get dismayed about many things surrounding us and may pass negative comments. Each of us is entitled to hold our own views. As a responsible citizen we must give due respect to each other’s sentiments. This kind of attitude can only develop peace and harmony in the country.

-Nikita Vij

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