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Analyse different schemes started under PM Modi - Will they achieve the target?

The sheer force of aspiration of India let Mr. Narendra Modi from Gujarat to Delhi in May 2014. India in its hour of crisis found the man of the moment in Mr. Modi. After the 2 years of the government the question is whether it has been successful or not. Mr. Modi and his cabinet ministers launched many schemes which in the beginning looked frivolous and inept but soon they started nonplussing people of India. The policies were started not only keeping the elites in mind but also the hoi polloi's. The fettle of our country was sad indeed be it the illiteracy or the poverty and launching of the schemes by the cognoscente ministers proves that this time it is not going to end in a fiasco. Elucidating on every prospect let's take some of the schemes and envisage on its possible success or failure.

JAN DHAN YOJANA - launched on August 28, 2014 seeks to provide a bank balance for those who don't have one. Approximate 21 crores bank have been open. If we see the statistics we realize the response it got speaks about the success itself. No doubt it is meant to benefit more and more people in the years to come

BETI BACHAAO BETI PADHAAO - started on Jan 2015 with the objective to address the gender imbalance. The scheme was launched from Panipat in Haryana due to low sex ratio that stands at 918 girls per 1000 boys. The schemes have been successful in some parts of India like Gujarat where the female births increased from 802 to 882 for every 1000 births. This increase is only for 2 years. Surely in the next few years it will be balanced by equal ratio if it is properly implemented throughout the country.

ATAL PENSION YOJANA - launched for all those who come from unorganized sector to make them self-dependent after they spend their lifetime working for non-pensionable job. Under this scheme a person can receive a fixed amount starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 per month depending on their contribution made by them. Pension will start at the age of 60 years. Indeed when a person dedicates his/her life for service in a particular field then such kinds of schemes are surely to provide relief for them in their retired age.

MUDRA BANK (Micro Units Development & Refinance Agent Bank) - launched by Prime Minister Modi on August 8, 2015. The focus of the bank is to provide loan at low rate to microfinance institutions and non-banking financial institutions. There are still a lot who need to start their own business and providing them loans at such low rate will surely improve the economic condition of our country and could prove one of the best scheme for entrepreneurs.

MAKE IN INDIA - launched to promote India as a manufacturing hub, Economic transformation in India 25 sectors have been included in Make In India Scheme. Some of the sectors are Chemicals, IT Tourism etc. The effects have already started coming with the FDI seeing 164% growth in 7 month and if this continues like this surely our FDI will rise more and here again we see the scheme of government being successful. It can be said one of the most spectacular accomplishment of the government.

SKILL INDIA AND DIGITAL INDIA - are set to boost the entrepreneurship talent in India by transforming the country as a 'Nation Of Jobs' as envisaged by our P.M. We know that increased opportunities come only through economic growth conditions. India is being held as a ray of hope. This has been made possible by the schemes started by our Prime Minister and his council ministers. Taking as a whole we see the schemes started have been successful till yet and no doubt it will be successful in the upcoming years too.

- Aayushi Shukla

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