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Character of an institution is reflected in its leader.

A leader is one who leads a group and leads till the team reaches its goal. A leader is one who takes the team to its destination. A leader is one who sets the goal for its team. A leader is one who prepares the strategy to reach the goal. A leader is one who sets the time to achieve the feat. And the true leader is one who achieves the target on the time with the strategy which he prepared with the team. A leader can't be a leader without a team. A team can't be formed without an institution. An institution provides shape and environment to a team. The sense of competition invokes leadership quality in the team and hence the Darwin's theory applies here” The Fittest survives"i.e the "Leader”. A leader is not only a name given to the fittest but a responsibility transferred to carry on the legacy of the institution he/she is representing. A leader truly represents the character of any institution. No one is a born leader but the quality of leadership is something which one inherits from surroundings or inner self. Most of the leaders born in this world have acquired the quality through extensive learning, knowing the culture around them, learning socio and economic aspects, the behaviour of the people and the languages they speak. The quality of a leader can be judged by the broader knowledge about any aspect. A leader is goal -oriented, which the most important quality inherited by a leader from its institution. As an institution has some goals to achieve in a stipulated time, a leader is also focused in achieving the goal in the stipulated time. A leader can represent any institution like a School, College, University, a Government Organization, a Private Organization, a Tribe, and Group etc.

On the other hand like "Need is the mother of invention”, “Leader is the need of time" .We can say that a leader can born anywhere at any point of time. A leader is one who brings sense of unity in the team. A leader is one who inspires the team with his words and sense of wisdom. An institution teaches a leader to be cool and calm during the toughest situation and come out of situation brilliantly and fruitfully. A leader wherever goes not only makes himself proud on his achievement but sets a standard for its institution. An institution shapes the mind of a leader and eventually the leader shapes the mind of the surrounding with his innovations. On the other hand if any deed of a leader is criticized then his/her institution name is spoiled. As like the Nazi dictator "Hitler" who brought chaos and unrest in the world and deadliest massacre of all time in the form of World War-2.The leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Karl Marx, Swami Vivekananda who brought peace and harmony in the life’s of the people are regarded as the true leaders of the world. They brought the names of their institutions on the world platform .The quality of an institution is that it is not known by its name but by the quality of leaders it produce who bring peace and harmony in the world. A true leader never goes behind the fame but always try to spread the message of its institution which can bring prosperity in the society. The goal of a true leader is not to win/achieve but to spread the message what its institution meant to the world.

There are many institutions in the world known for producing leaders of today. The most prominent are Harvard University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Delhi University, IIT’s etc. Many prominent leaders of India and world represent these institutions. The leaders from these institutions have conquered the world with their intelligence and sense of wisdom. They truly reflect the character of the institution.


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