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Character of an institution is reflected in its leader.

The given statement “Character of an Institution is Reflected from its Leader” is very true in the modern context. Character is one of the essential attributes of human being. It is generally defined as the collective qualities that reside within an individual especially mental and moral that distinguishes one person from the other. These collective qualities that embibe within one makes up an individual and group of such individuals make up an organization. This organization is nothing but an institution where people acquire knowledge, work together with enthusiasm in order to produce successful results. Now this institution cannot run on its own because if it so happens then it will just be a mess and we shall have the feel of the famous proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth” thus desired results will not be produced.

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Here comes the question that what could be the alternative solution to this problem. The only solution to this problem is the choice of the head of the institution also known as the leader of the institution. As in a family the male members especially the eldest of all is the head of the family who guides the family in a proper way, who sets the rules and regulations for the family on whose shoulders is entrusted the responsibilities of the family. Similarly a country has its own Presidential Head or Prime Ministerial head who is entrusted with the responsibilities of looking after the Nation’s positive or negative effects. Similarly an institution too has its leaders.

Now here when we talk about leaders, an important question crops in our mind is that can anyone be picked up as a leader. Do all the people of an institution have the qualities of becoming a leader. The answer is a big “NO”.

ders are one who can shoulder the responsibility of guiding an institution. On whose hands depends the name, fame, and reputation of an organization. The principal player of an organization with a strong decision making power and not the person who is flown away by the words and views of the people in order to impress them, A person with strong voice that motivates an institution to run smoothly in a fair manner. These are the qualities that a leader should possess.

ng elected as a leader is just not enough. The most important thing is to prove yourself eligible for the post because an institution is recognised by its leaders. If leaders are at fault it simply implies that the institution is at fault. For example when people are assigned team work it becomes necessary point to elect a team leader who shall guide the team, should lead the members towards the right direction, should motivate the team in order to uplift the team spirit, so as to emerge successful in whatever they do. It is the sole responsibility of the team leader to look after the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and utilise their calibre accordingly.

ilarly in an institution, a leader plays the role of a radar in the ship whose ultimate aim is to steer the institution in the right direction. The only difference between the radar in the ship and the leader of an institution is that the radar guides the ship through progressive waves while the leader leads the institution towards a progressive world.

eader of well built character is definitely important to bring fame to the institution. A leader should not frighten the people working under him or create any sort of stress , tension in the minds of his workers rather should be one who can be respected, loved be an idol person whom one should look upon. A leader of an institution plays a very important role to run the institution. An institution is looked through the eyes of the leader so it is very important for the leaders to maintain his character. Good character and convictions with right principles never allows one to buckle under pressure or greed.

entire process of leadership is the capacity and the will to rally men and women towards a common goal and the character which inspires others to be confident, humble and true human being. A leader not only stays above the line between what is right and what is wrong but is well aware of his or her surroundings looking after the matters of concern. Successful leadership is not about being tough or soft, sensitive or assertive but about a set of attributes. Among all these “character” plays the role of the foundation stone upon which the base of an institution lies. Best examples of persons with dwindling characters that defamed their own institutions were of “Sahara” and “Satyam” while on the other hand we have examples like “Azim Premji” who with his own effort, strong belief and great perseverance stood out with his own company where he treats each of its members with due respect . Thus the character of the leader is definitely reflected in his institution.

- Satarupa Mukherjee

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