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Coaching Classes, should be allowed only in school premises?

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara;
Gurur Saksat Parambrahma, Tasmay Shree Gurave Namah;

By this Shlok we can surmise the value of teachers in Indian culture. Teacher is said to be the second mother. They are the only one who gives us education which is training for completeness of life. Education which we gain by our teachers molds our characters for the battle of our life. School and premises has to be place where young generations should learn something more about life and have lot of fun through learning, but in 21st century education sources has become business for most of the people. Coaching classes are playing best role to earn money. Before reaching any conclusion on either coaching classes should allowed in school premises or not let's get to know about the education and school system in ancient India, Britisher's India and present India one by one.

Schools in ancient India:

The idea of education has been very grand noble and high in ancient India. At that time knowledge which we termed as education today were given by rishi without any paper money. The system in which education is given to pupil without any cost was known as "upanayana". Up to age 25 years termed as brahmacharya age, pupil used to stay in ashram of rishi and learnt everything which will required in further life. In return the guru never charge fee. They collected Bhikshas for gurus as well as themselves. They obeyed their gurus a lot and never went against their teaching. In the end of education every pupil gave a tribute called "Dakshina" to their guru. At that time the highest point of moral relationship were between guru and Shishya.

Schools in Britisher's India:

The Britishers came in India during 1600, at that time education become very poor in Asian countries. Actually today's education framework is basically gifted by Britishers. At that time in every village there was school under the tree. Initially east India company didn't evince and interest in matter of education. In starting days to do economic activity in India the Britishers learnt Indian language but later to enhance economic activity they were in need to educated Indian people. They discouraged the prevalent system of oriental education and gave important to western education and English language. In this matter, the charter act of 1813 adopted a provision to spend 1 lakh rupees per annum for spreading education in India. Within next few years the Indian educations become rapidly westernized. From this time education become business in India because of British interest which was limited to trade and earning profits.

Due to all this circumstances we can assume that in earlier time education was valuable but priceless. Teachers who teach us to touch the highest point of knowledge now have become business. Now days in schools it's very shame to say that, "In temple of Saraswati, they worship Laxmi". It's our as well as every teachers fundamental duty to provide education to every child even a child who can't afford costly education, through right to education (RTE) which is an act of parliament of India enacted on 4th August 2009 which describe the modality of free and compulsory education to every children who is between 6 and 14 years under article 21A of the Indian constitution.

Every coin has two phases either good or bad. Many teachers who took coaching classes without any charge for sake of children's growth are not harmful and moral less. But the teacher who didn't teach properly in school and run many coaching institutions after should get banned. I am not saying strictly that coaching classes should be allowed only in school premises but actually I am in favor of it. Most of its commonly happening is that a teacher who teaches in school is catchable and understandable by every student but few students don't get and understand the teaching method of school teachers. Those type of student need another teacher or another way of teaching. For such student school can't change their teachers so at that time coaching classes thought by other teachers become very helpful for such student. Hence many teachers took advantage of such type pupil and in their coaching classes they help these students by leaking the exam papers and by other illegal activities. Teacher who teaches in school specially in government school because the conditions of government school is worse than private school should not allowed to teach in or run coaching classes. If then also these teachers want to help the students then they must run their coaching classes in school premises. Education is not a source to earn money; it's just a valuable donation and this notion every teacher have to understand.

Neha Pal

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